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Welcome to the website of the Diamond Valley Prostate Cancer Support Group.

We were established in 2004 with the valued assistance and support of Steve Herbert MP, Member for Eltham, to help support and inform men with prostate cancer. Steve is now our Founding Patron.

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We are proudly affiliated with the The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the Cancer Council of Victoria.

The Victorian Minister for Health, the Hon. Daniel Andrews, launched this site officially on Thursday, 5th November 2009.


The Diamond Valley Prostate Cancer Support Group “DVPCSG” is a community volunteer group affiliated with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the Cancer Council of Victoria. We welcome any man, his partner or family member to participate with the hope that their prostate cancer journey is made easier because we provide information, education from health professionals and resources along with like-minded people who share their experiences.


  • What we share in the group remains confidential. What is said in the group stays in the group.
  • Although we share our experiences and journeys we do not give or ask for medical advice.
  • We have the opportunity for equal airtime and the right to remain silent.
  • We respect each person’s opinion.
  • We have the right to ask questions and the right to refuse to answer.
  • We provide support to our members and their families throughout their prostate cancer journey.
  • If a member passes we show compassion and support to their family.
  • We participate in community events to bring about awareness of our Prostate Cancer Support Group and its benefits of attending.
  • We participate in some fundraising activities to cover the costs of our group and its promotion to the Community.

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